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The Albanian rulers managed to withstand attacks by the Angevins (sometime between 13), as well as by the Grand Master of the Knights Hospitaller Juan Fernández de Heredia in 1378, but in 1384 the city was plundered by the Ottoman Turks.

From 1401/02, Carlo I Tocco, the ambitious Count of Cephalonia, began launching attacks on Arta, taking advantage of the Albanians' infighting.

Despite the Albanians' calling on Ottoman aid, in 1416 Tocco captured Arta after a long siege.

Having taken control of Ioannina in 1411, Tocco thus reunited the core of the old Epirote realm, and received recognition from both the Ottomans and the Byzantine emperor.

The modern city is on the site of ancient Ambracia.

Remains of the classic era include the ancient walls, the ruins of an ancient temple of Apollo, a small theatre, and remnants of the southwest cemetery.

On the ruins of the Ottoman Empire, a whole new world was created.

Andronikos III and his commander-in-chief, John Kantakouzenos, campaigned in person in Epirus and captured the rebel fortresses one by one, either by siege or through negotiations.

The town's fortifications were built by Michael I Komnenos Doukas in the early 13th century, but their present form is largely post-Byzantine.

Secular architecture from the Byzantine period, including the palace of the Despots of Epirus, has vanished completely, but the city preserves numerous churches.

Under Ottoman rule, the town was called in Turkish Narda.

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It was occupied by Venetians in 1717 and the French in 1797, but the Ottomans retook it in 1799.As it unfolds the century-long history of the collapse of the Ottomans, the film offers an in-depth understanding of the impact the process had on the former Ottoman territories, up to the present time.