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03-Aug-2017 21:40

I used to have a thing for panties and lingerie when I was skinnier. She said she would like to see all the nether hair gone, so that may happen soon. I like to ride my motorcycle and hang out with friends.

What's important is that I like your cock, you are D D, not gross and not some crazy sex pig. I have a normal life but I like to get kinky in the bedroom, my favorite activities are having sex with a couple, I like doing the wife or girlfriend while being watched by the husband or boyfriend then I like to suck his cock.

However, I would rather meet a easy going guy looking for more. I love to read stories from guys about their experiences and it makes me horny! I love to go one on one with another guy and have him suck my cock and me suck his cock.

Let's explore our sexuality and find out what is fun and hot! I am in upstate SC and would love to hear from like minded guys. I would like to try having a cock up my ass hole, I am a virgin at the moment.

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:)I think your at the time of ur life where you don't care what other people think about you I got curious around 40 it jus seems easier to find a cock to suck than a pussy to satisfy ur needs it would be nice to find a cute cock and a sweet pussy to suck and fuck.

I am a true sub bottom, and i'll suck cock swallow his load and ask for seconds...i need hot white guys to lick and suck just recently got into older guys to find two guys to fuck and suck each other for me ...please im begging for this ....i enjoy bi gay crossdressing and so forth What can I add here? Is it just me here that's it seems to be that all the fun guys are too far away?Girls please let me perform for your guys while you & your friends watch and tell me what to do. I am really attracted to guys with thick and athletic builds. I have all ready checked off going to a nudist resort. We meet and chat for a while and the head into the bed room. After a while she brings my head up and his hard cock is looking right at me.