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16-Dec-2017 03:52

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“As you get older, getting lonely is part of that unless you do something about it,” Andrew discovered.“People’s social circles shrink.” A regular dating site, even those aimed at seniors, didn’t really fit those people who were merely seeking a friend. Geared toward companionship of all kinds, this website puts community first and dating second.While about 50% of its members are looking for a travel buddy or group travel, others are looking for a walking partner, a fellow foodie, a book club, a friendly conversation, or even traditional date.“They’re not necessarily looking for that jump straight into romance,” Andrew said.

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Loneliness is a significant problem for seniors; there are even negative health implications associated with lonely people over 60. Niche online communities offer a channel for finding friends or romance.Also due to the age demographics, Stitch boasts a 2-1 ratio of women to men.This is atypical for most dating websites, which tend to be more populated by young men on the prowl.With thousands of members ages 50-94, Stitch offers users the chance to travel together, attend movies, go to restaurants, and enjoy each other’s company without the pressure of it being a date.

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With the backing of a helpful staff, easy navigation, and years of experience, members can find their way to companionship.What the Tapestry team saw was that even those living in large neighborhoods, surrounded by people their age, felt lonely.