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You don’t need to worry about using anything sneaky to query the SMSBIOSVersion against the Win32_BIOS class.If the BIOS version is up to date, the utility just exits and the task sequence continues.Moving forwards this was going to be an issue as we are looking to upgrade our entire business to Windows 10 CBB later in the year.I definitely did not want to be in a position where we were manually updating BIOS versions.Here is a solution to update your BIOS versions using a Configuration Manager task sequence.I’ve focused on HP however the solution I have implemented would work for any vendor, just adjust to suit the utility they offer. If you are enabling Bit Locker as part of your Task Sequence then you should already been using the HP Bios Config Utility to enable your TPM and set your BIOS settings using something like Bios Config /Set: TPMEnable.For whatever reason (the origins can vary), Wheelie rhymes all his speech in a manner quite merry.This can drive others crazy, but Wheelie doesn't care; He'll survive all their whining with smugness to spare.

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Create a folder for the model of PC relevant to the BIOS update, then set a WMI Query so it will only run against that model.

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