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Cons: Full of hypocrites, hyper unfriendly to female workers because you have to respond to your boss 24 hours a day. Cons: You have to suck up to the right people and play a "game" if you want to succeed and get support for your career development at Facebook. Pros: Renowned company name, a good stepping stone to next career.

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Direct injection joins port injection, and the compression ratio rises from 11.0:1 to 12.0:1, bumping horsepower from 435 to 460, or 66 shy of the GT350. Other changes include the swapping of steel cylinder liners for a spray-in coating, a change that increases displacement from 4951 cubic centimeters to 5038. In testing, our six-speed manual transmission (a 10-speed automatic is optional) matched the zero-to-60-mph time of the outgoing car at 4.3 seconds but opened 0.3-second and 3-mph gaps through the quarter-mile with a 12.6-second run at 115 mph. The extra power isn’t glaringly obvious, but it gives the GT barstool bragging rights over the 455-hp Chevrolet Camaro SS.

But we will admit that its exotic-sounding 8250-rpm 5.2-liter V-8 made us a little neglectful of the rest of the brood.

Here we are in a Mustang GT review, and we still can’t shut up about its big brother. For 2018, Ford makes some changes to the GT that earn it more of our attention.

The arrival of the 2016 GT350 made the Mustang GT the middle child of the family overnight.

We praised, doted on, and rewarded the GT350, giving it two 10Best Cars awards. Cons: Egoistic managers, management never pays any heed to employee concern. Advice to Management: Give some respect to users because the project I was on there was no respect for users as they never gets response. 23, 2017, under the heading “money can’t buy me love.”Pros: You'll make a ton of money. It's easy for anyone to be tempted by the zeros in an offer from Facebook, especially if you're young and you think life is all about money. They give you a lot but they also expect a lot from you as well. Pros: Renowned company name, a good stepping stone to next career.

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