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09-Dec-2017 05:16

I can’t believe that the din in the Elizabeth Tower during renovation will be much worse than in the average foundry, or any other construction site for that matter.

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No one wants a return to the days when workers were routinely killed undertaking hazardous construction work.Come to that, why the hell is it going to take four years to carry out the repairs?It didn’t take that long to build the tower in the first place. Endless delays and interminable public works are par for the course these days.But that’s no excuse for the petty prohibitions and punishments inflicted upon us with such relish by the burgeoning health and safety behemoth.

As the columnist who first put the conjoined phrase ‘elf’n’safety’ into the language, I’ve made a good living documenting this madness over the past quarter of a century.It’s led to everything from the proscription of medium-rare hamburgers and wooden chopping boards to banning the sale of knitting needles to elderly matrons who can’t prove they are over 21.