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As political scientists Marc Hetherington and Jonathan Weiler have shown, this has led to the parties being increasingly split over something called psychological authoritarianism.

Republicans are increasingly authoritarian—craving certainty, inclined to view the world in black and white terms, you’re either with me or you’re against me—and Democrats are increasingly the opposite.

Then they generate a news cycle on the response to that one question with no time to debate the issues. If you are familiar with Christianity you know that there is the belief that you are not to be unequally yoked in marriage. But this all started with the Progressive Era where centralized planning and control by technocrats know better than local communities do about how to run their own lives and their own neighborhoods. Their cruelty thrives, especially when they are condemned for it.

I just read your biography and note that you are helping to cause the divide that you claim to want to bridge. Thus, Republicans would expect their children to marry other Christians (Republicans). And because of this movement towards the nanny-state was wide-spread (read equally adopted by both parties), the police power of the state grew, and authoritarianism was the tool used by both groups just about different things. Each side is trying to use the tool of state to beat the other over the head and rob them of their God-given right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Google a picture of Hilary Clinton in one browser window, then google a picture of Sarah Palin in another. Studying history and looking at the modern-day West, one is forced to conclude that a mutant strain of humanity has somehow proliferated and gained vast power over our civilization: Homo Liberalis.

And there was much fulminating about why--assuming the survey data are correct--this might be the case. First of all, the parties are clearly much more polarized than before.

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This research shows that conservatives, more than liberals, perceive a strong distinction between the in-group and the out-group, those who are part of the team or unit and those who are not.

Polls don't even ask people about the issues anymore. You cannot be serious with this non-sense of the conservative is more "authoritarian". During the Victorian Era, we would have been better off not fighting the Civil War, but instead, making it illegal to own slaves, rescuing the slaves, bringing them to safety and to the North, giving them land to farm, housing and the needed animals and equipment, and then letting the South secede from the Union.

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