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They decide to flee Forouzande from Iran to another country. See full summary » Director: Masud Kimiai Seven friends promise to meet each other in the future.On the promised day all come except Ramin who is now a lawyer working for a company.Then he begins to work at various jobs and faces many adventures and many ...See full summary » Director: Parviz Sayyad Samad is been sent to the city to work at the house of a rich guy Mr. The rich guy wins in a lottery but doesn't want his name to be revealed so he introduces Samad as the winner. See full summary » Director: Parviz Sayyad Ali (Parviz Sayyad) who is a poor farmer when plowing his farm finds a treasure.See full summary » Director: Amir Naderi A wealthy man who has a company deceive a naive girl Atefeh (Gogoosh) who thinks he wants to marry her.Atefeh goes to the north of Iran to find the wealthy man. See full summary » Director: Masud Asadollahi Desiderium lyrically charts the hapless loves of a three brother: Majid, they young handicapped brother with a deformed head falls in love with Aghdas, a prostitute hired by his eldest ... See full summary » Director: Abdollah Ghiabi Sam and Abd and Omid are three intimate friends. Then it revealed that Omid is in love with her too. See full summary » Director: Iraj Ghaderi Safdar comes back from his 10 years exile only to find his hometown being managed by a scoundrel named Hashem.He is in danger so sends his wife instead and has hides himself in some unknown place.

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Director: Nosratolah Vahdat Mirza Ebrahim Khan, travels past in time to introduce cinematography to the previous king who can afford to pay for the new industry.See full summary » Director: Parviz Sayyad Mehri and her father are tenants at Jafar's house.