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05-Jun-2017 00:46

According to local officials, Xinjiang authorities earlier this year, began removing all Korans published more than five years ago due to extremist content.

The Korans were taken as part of the 'Three Illegals and One Item' campaign that was underway in Xinjiang, which is against 'illegal' religious items owned by mostly Muslim Uyghurs.

Back when she was presented with the Miss Australia title, she told SBS: "I've forgiven because I don't know their intentions behind why they say what they do.

I came in here to do the best that I can in terms of fulfilling my belief which is doing charity and doing good work."She told the Daily Telegraph: "I am not a representative or a teacher of Islam.

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You can choose on each post whether you would like it to be posted to Facebook.They face severe punishment if they are discovered.According to Radio Free Asia, reports have emerged from Kashgar, Hotan and other regions of similar practices starting last week.I believe that everyone has equal rights,” she said.

The winner of Miss World will be announced on November 19.The spokesman for the exile World Uyghur Congress group, Dilxat Raxit said they received a notification saying that every single ethnic Uyghur must hand in any Islam-related items from their own home.

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