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20-Aug-2017 09:24

That period transitioned so seamlessly into my adolescent punk phase that I’m not sure when or if I decided it was over, but either way, I wore all black pretty much every day for almost a decade.

Consciously, it was because I liked Joan Jett while my classmates liked J-Lo and I wanted to make it clear that I was “different.” But looking back, I was very clearly in mourning for my entire adolescence.

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I made friends with the homeless people in the park because their level of motivation and engagement in society matched mine more closely than anyone else I could find.But as long as you’re in mourning, your life is still about them, and in that way, they’re still there.When the communal, outward mourning ends and life appears to go back to normal, that’s the worst part — when the world goes on, not noticing the gaping hole that’s been left.” he asked in parenthesis — sometimes hide their intelligence to avoid drawing attention to themselves.

“Never be embarrassed by your ability to make just the right sentence, with all of the exact words you wanted and needed.” By the time that letter made its way across the country to our mailbox in New York, he was dead.The idea of survivor’s guilt isn’t just about feeling unjustly lucky to have lived while someone else died; it’s guilt for going on without them, guilt for changing and growing and becoming a person that they never knew.

” has a happy ending, and it even has some unsurprising surprise celeb cameos.… continue reading »

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and have so many memories of growing up in Camelot.… continue reading »

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