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29-Jul-2017 18:56

Since everyone uses the same codes to mean the same thing, they ensure uniformity.For example, no matter what doctor a Medicare patient visits for an allergy injection (HCPCS code 95115) that doctor will be paid by Medicare the same amount another doctor in that same geographic region would be for that same service.Sometimes services are always grouped together, in which case their codes may also be grouped. Providers should be aware of the HCPCS code guidelines for each insurer especially when billing Medicare and Medicaid claims.Medicare and Medicaid usually have more stringent guidelines than other insurers.There is no grace period that allows for submission of a discontinued code/modifier for claims with dates of service in 2017.Narrative Changes/Revised Modifiers: These are changes in the narrative descriptor for an existing code or modifier.HCPCS codes G0477 and G0478 will be eligible for one (1) unit of reimbursement per date of service.

As part of this, CMS will be changing the descriptors of the HCPCS codes to match the new CPT codes.

All HCPCS code changes are effective for claims with dates of service on or after January 1, 2017.

Added Codes/Added Modifiers: These are new codes and modifiers.

Patients can find HCPCS / CPT Codes in a number of places.

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As you leave the doctor's office, you are handed a review of your appointment which may have a long list of possible services your doctor provided, with some of them circled.HCPCS codes are regulated by HIPAA, which requires all healthcare organizations to use the standard codes for transactions involving healthcare information. HCPCS code modifiers provide additional information about the service or procedure performed.

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