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We can control our dog’s resources by following the NILIF (Nothing in Life is Free) program, and using reward obedience training.3.Management and supervision We want to step in and stop any aggressive behaviors, before our dog escalates and loses control.

I make sure to encourage this behavior, by rewarding calmness and conflict avoidance very well.1.

Any pack animal including humans and dogs, have to deal with dominance issues, because it is part of pack dynamics.

Similarly, trying to explain everything away by using the label or excuse, is also unhelpful.

Use whatever equipment is necessary, to keep all the people around our dominant dog safe.

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A drag lead may also be useful because it gives us good control of our dog, without having to lay hands on him or his collar, and without resorting to chasing games.If not perfectly executed (with perfect timing, force, and technique), a physical correction may further frustrate our dog, and cause him to get more aggressive.