What is 420 friendly dating website

06-Aug-2017 19:27

420 Friends is like Marijuana and social network have a baby.

420 Friends is the best dating and networking app exclusively for people who enjoy the benefits of cannabis on either medical or recreational usage.

It even gives users the option to enrich their profile with a video statement.

Being on the more tech savvy side of the market, this app offers an accompanying blog page, Face Book page and its own Instagram account.

The biggest drawback of My420Mate might be that there are not many active users available and that if you do find a match it is not guaranteed to be within an acceptable distance.

Because of the small number of users, you might end up being matched with someone on the other side of the continent, or worse the planet.

The website also offers a user to user chat function so that you can flirt with other singles online.

Perhaps it is just difficult switching from the safety of your screen to an unfamiliar surrounding with an unknown person.